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I did NOT see that one coming!

Ben Affleck as Batman. Huh.

We'll see what happens.


Called it!

Not spot on, but pretty close – I said it here first!

Warner Brothers announces:

• Superman/Batman movie for 2015.
• Flash movie for 2016.
• Justice League movie for 2017.

Ahh-mazing! But I still have to wonder, why no Wonder Woman movie?


Meningitis awareness

Please click here to read Rachael's story.

Meningitis Awareness Week isn't until September, but it is never too soon to become educated about meningitis symptoms and prevention.

What is meningitis?

Meningitis is inflammation of the membranes that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord. Many different organisms can cause meningitis, but the most common are viruses and bacteria. Viral meningitis can make people very ill but is rarely life-threatening. Many people fully recover, but sufferers can be left with after-effects such as headaches, tiredness and memory loss. Bacterial meningitis can kill, so urgent medical attention is essential. Most people make a good recovery, but many are left with debilitating after-effects such as deafness, epilepsy and brain damage.

Meningococcal septicemia

Meningococcal bacteria are one of the most common causes of bacterial meningitis. They can cause both meningitis and septicemia (blood poisoning), which people often have together It is important to be aware of all the signs and symptoms.

The rash

One sign of septicaemia is spots or a rash that do not fade under pressure when the side of a clear drinking glass is pressed firmly against the skin.

Meningitis can affect anyone, of any age, at any time; striking in minutes and killing within hours. Knowing the symptoms of the disease, trusting your instincts and getting medical help immediately can save lives. These are the common symptoms for adults:

  • Fever, cold hands & feet
  • Pale, blotchy skin. Spots/rash
  • Vomiting
  • Severe headache
  • Drowsy, difficult to wake
  • Stiff neck
  • Confusion & irritability
  • Dislike bright lights
  • Severe muscle pain
  • Convulsions/seizures
  • If you suspect you or someone else may have meningitis, get medical help immediately!


    version 3.0 test

    Just a test post to be modified later.


    Do the doodles

    When I’m talking with other designers or clients, I’m often asked what I like to use for designing the most. Am I a Photoshop freak or an InDesign junkie? While those are all great software that I’ll use to help create a final product, my all-time favorite tool for any design project is paper and pencil.

    I use pencils, pens, and markers as the core of my design process. Some of my best work is probably all in a sketchbook or scraps of paper I’ve doodled on. Any work I do in pencil helps define the ideas that solve design problems. Though I can draw well enough to do what I want, I’m not trying to be an illustrator. Luckily, I can draw adequately, and drawing adequately is better than not drawing at all. Drawing first is important because it’s a simple way to show how an idea will be executed. My drawings might be scrawls and scribbles, but they are ideas that translate easily to page designs. In short, sketches are cheap, quick, and easy. Simply put, pencil and paper is the planning stage of design. Photoshop is the execution of your plan.

    If you’re jumping right into Photoshop, you’re probably just messing around hoping for genius to strike you like a lightning bolt from the sky. If you have a minimal level of skill, sitting in front of Photoshop is going to give you adequate results. If you’re really good at Photoshop, maybe you’ll achieve better than adequate results. By skipping sketching, you won’t see the smart thinking that precedes a solution. The best you can hope for is a repeated loop of trial and error until you finally find a happy accident. If you’re working on a tight deadline, fussing with shapes and pixels in Photoshop is a surefire way to waste valuable time. If you’re not sketching your ideas first before getting on the computer, then you’re doing it wrong.