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I call myself an artist, because that's what I do.
I make Art.

I am a graphic designer, currently living and working in Southwest Florida. I like to solve problems, sketch ideas, and push pixels to perfection. I make my mark with visually appealing, clean, and stylized artwork that speaks to your inner child, while still letting your “I’m older now and can’t keep eating ramen” self in on the conversation.

If you’re in need of any Graphic Design, Web Design, Logo Design, or Marketing Collateral, then don't hesitate in contacting me. I've been working in the industry, gaining knowledge and experience, for nearly ten years. During this time I've built a reputation for producing original and professional work. I have good ideas and a passion for all things creative done professionally and properly.

"Great design unifies the visual and the functional.
Great design is anticipatory. It is intuitice. It is beautiful." - Dan Cote


The Backstory:

Born and raised in New Hampshire, I felt most at home in the art room of school. At an early age I began studying art and design. By the time I graduated high school, I was winning awards for my sculptures, illustrations, and graphic design work.

After high school, I moved to Pennsylvania where I attended Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts (now Art Institute of York, PA). There, I studied under the guidance of veteran graphic designers such as Tom Notarangelo, Ebe Gordon, Ed Kahler, and Mike Klinedinst in a studio-like setting. During my four years there, I developed my skills to produce design that conveys information, evokes emotion, and stimulates activity.

I worked in Pennsylvania for a few years before returning to my roots in New Hampshire. Once back in the Granite State I worked at a fast-paced marketing firm and publisher to produce collateral material for hundreds of local clients. Here I was able to work directly with print operators, learning much more about modern print production.

Currently, I am freelancing in Florida. If you are near Port Charlotte, Fort Meyers, or DeSoto County areas and are in need of any kind of graphic design or web design service feel free to contact me. I will help you with any of your print or digital needs. Whether you need a logo, brochure or website, I will work with you to create the perfect look for you and your needs.

Want to add to my story?

"I have to make what I see, whether it's a painting, a table, or a movie,
or it's like a death and what would be the point of that?" - David Lynch


Why Hire A Freelancer?

Businesses are realizing that hiring a design agency is expensive and impersonal. I offer a unique & hands on design service, tailored to your individual needs. I pride myself on offering the personalized service of a freelance designer with the broad skill sets of a design agency, but without the price tag of an agency!