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First post from Orlando

It's been a while...

I took a hiatus from this site for a while. In that time, I relocated myself to the Orlando, Florida area for greater opportunites. I am now comfortable settled into this new environment and ready to get back into the Graphic Design game.

Here I am!


First post from Florida

After a couple weeks, I'm finally getting settled in my new home. I've been able to go out to a few cities to check things out. Cities seem clean and friendly down here so far. The weather is hugely different from New England weather and will probably take me a long time to get used to. Christmas is going to be weird this year.


Last post from New Hampshire

Heading out tomorrow for the next stage of my life. Time to leave al these green pastures behind for warm beaches and humidity. Although there are pleanty of things in New Hampshire I will miss, I am excited to see what new opportunities await me in Florida.

Take care, New Hampshire!


Reset the Net

Reset the Net is a global movement to take our privacy back and secure the Internet to defend against mass government surveillance. Take steps toward educating and protecting yourself today.

Watch the video and learn more:

A shirt, a Sharpie, and some spare time

Here's a quick project I that took me less than an hour to do. I simply cut a bat symbol out of paper, traced it onto a grey shirt using chalk, and filled it in with a black Sharpie. Voila! My very own Bat-Shirt!

The bat-symbol itself is inspired by Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns from 1986. I've always like the thickness of the wings with this version of the symbol – similar to its original look. The head of my bat is more traditional with a tall head and neck.

I was a little worried how well the Sharpie work but it turned out pretty good. After a few washes, the marker hasn't really faded. The marker smell still noticeable at times, though nowhere near the headache-inducing strength it once was. For basically the cost of the shirt itself ($5), making my own Batman shirt was a fun, easy, and cheap project. I wonder what other shirts I should draw on?